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My name is' Mathieu Scaffidi-Argentina and I’m an Italian trained master craftsman cabinet maker, an Ebenist. I am the only Italian Ebenist based here in Stockholm and for this reason I have styled myself “The Italian Ebenist”.




For 30 years I have been working all around the world as an Italian expert in the creation, preservation and restoration of wooden furniture and luxury interiors...I am, today, one of the last “old school” master cabinetmakers and restorers of our common European Cultural Heritage.

I have long and varied experience gained in working worldwide for important private collectors, antique dealers, quality auction houses, museums, national and multinational companies, insurance companies, shipyards, yachts brokers and surveyors, in particular for luxury mega-yachts ...

My experience has involved me in planning, supervising, and personally executing the maintenance, preservation and restoration of important collection of antique and modern furniture and luxury interiors of inestimable economic and cultural value.


As a qualified, professional expert to define the conservation status of the objects which are entrusted to me in order to implement the complex of direct and indirect actions that limit the deterioration of the materials and techniques used in their construction in order to ensure their conservation and to safeguard both the economic and the intrinsic cultural value of these artifacts. 



It is thanks to the many skilled individuals I have collaborated with and learnt from and the variety of professional experiences I've had, that today I can honestly say that I have not only acquired a high level of technical and professional knowledge, but also a tried and tested ability to interact with people of different nationalities, culture, education and different skills and if necessary to coordinate and supervise their activities.

My profession has frequently given me the opportunity to travel away from Rome and from Italy and to work abroad in Europe, China, Japan and the United States. Over the years, I have seen myself growing from a professional perspective.

In 2009 I made the decision to establish myself on a permanent basis in Stockholm. My decision to move to Sweden was influenced in large part by the knowledge that the craft tradition is still alive and well here and that the heritage of quality, sophistication and taste encapsulated in the expression “Swedish Grace” is something that I can identify with, learn from and contribute to.

  I see my own skills, growing out of the Italian tradition of taste and craftsmanship at the highest levels and refined through wide ranging international experience, as complementary to the most refined Swedish appreciation of art and craftsmanship.

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